Harald Quintus-Bosz becomes CTO of Scaletech

We are very happy to announce Harald Quintus-Bosz as Scaletech’s CTO. Harald is a product design and development expert with over 28 years of experience. The products he has been focusing on are ranging from solar-powered lights for emerging markets to robotics. Most recently, he did so as co-founder and CTO of Cooper Perkins.

In addition, Harald teaches Design for Scale courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Design for Scale is the design concept at the heart of Scaletech’s efforts to apply clean technologies on a large scale, particularly in developing and emerging markets. Click on this video to learn more about Harald’s work at MIT within his Design for Scale courses.

Harald will deepen and expand our consulting services thanks to his unique set of skills and tremendous expertise in the field of product design and development. With him, as CTO we see ourselves well prepared for the future to tackle global environmental problems with cleantech.

Welcome to the team, Harald!